With 26 Letters take individual steps or organizational measures to foster inclusive, engaging and productive environments

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26 Touchbase - Texting Solution


Encourage Self-Driven Engagement and Proactive Feedback

From self-driven onboarding to just-in time checkins with interns to proactive employee input, Touchbase is a confidential, trusted way to provide input and get guidance through our text based solution. Learn more about Touchbase here

Assessments and Systems Solutions

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Inclusion Diversity Engagement and Awareness (IDEA Score) Assessments

Individuals and organization assessment that provide development plans and key next steps and actionable insights. Contact us to learn more.

Toolkit and Learning Content


Bite-sized Learning and Guided Questions

Host meaningful conversation with versatile content from unconscious bias, hiring guidelines to self-reflection. The learning content is supported by the IDEA Score assessments.Contact us to learn more.

Why 26 Letters

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FOR Employees

Confidentially connect employees to resources based on their needs and concerns. We ensure they receive satisfactory support or they’re put in touch with an expert consultant in that area or field


For Management Teams

Provide HR, Management and Executive teams with trends, aggregate data and actionable and measurable next steps.