Chat w/26 Letters: Brianna McCullough

It has to start at the top. There’s no other way. For diversity to succeed it has to trickle down. CEO, Executives,.. Put that pressure on them. Stop just evaluating these statistics and these numbers of diversity and start making goals. Pinterest did it. Pinterest did it within a year. They looked at their numbers, they set goals, and although they fell short they’re up way more than when they started.

Chat w/26 Letters: Frank Reid

“Why do you spend all this time trying to find the smartest people to hire, and then when you find them, you try and change them?... The real key to Diversity to me is you have to have Managers and Leaders who understand the balance between your Core Values which are non-negotiable and make you who you are, but  also creating an environment where you’re inviting people to be creative and different.


The importance of finding a positive place to work, so you'll never settle for less again

Fran Boehnlein

Fran Boehnlein

Being comfortable at work shouldn’t be a privilege. One should be free to show up as their true self without judgment or shame.  As the world changes and grows, diversity in the workplace should not only be celebrated, but also sought out by employers.  

Having experienced working in a job where there were large gaps in diversity was very challenging. As someone who was brought up to value diversity in all its forms it was often triggering for me to work in an environment that didn’t represent my community or see me as an asset. It was through that experience that I realized how significant company culture is to my mental and physical well-being.  As a workingwoman of color having a solid support system in the workplace can truly make or break the experience.

As the landscape of the workforce changes, corporations are actively hiring more women, people of color, and LGBTQ employees. Studies show Millennials are the most diverse generation to date and as they move into management roles it is imperative for organizations not only to learn how to recruit and retain these diverse demographics, but to invest in the tools needed to create an environment that promotes inclusion and engagement for all.  

When introduced to 26 Letters, I immediately recognized their unique opportunity to change the current landscape. With Caroline and Josh’s expertise and their collaborative system, the programming truly has the ability to offer support to growing institutions giving them a personalized roadmap to increase cultural competency and create a more inclusive company culture. After previously experiencing challenges around the lack of diversity at work, I felt personally compelled to join the 26 Letters team by advocating for their work and promoting their programming to a broader network. I believe investing in the future also means investing in those who bring forth new ideas, challenge an old school way of thinking, and move the state of the workforce forward.  

Chat w/ 26 Letters: Kyle Parsons

"Something I focus on here is serving that Millennial audience... one thing we found in studying them is that the expectation for companies and organization we work with is Diversity isn't going to be something we talk about... Inclusion is going to be something we ARE about." Listen to Kyle as he talks about how his work on everything from Race, Age, Sexual Orientation and more has led to findings in regards to a workplace unlike anything we've ever seen, where inclusion is a reality and expectation for incoming workers.