Passionate about diversity and inclusion in your organization but not sure what to start?

How about our workshops?

Many companies are passionate about diversity and inclusion and are looking for a path to get started or to build on their current work. We are offering a series of workshops throughout the country to help companies create action driven and measurable initiatives. We will provide your organization with the tools to create a recruiting and hiring plan for your diversity and inclusion strategy. This workshop is perfect for organizations with new diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as those expanding on their current strategies. During this workshop you will be able to: 

  • Plan out action driven initiatives
  • Meet other individuals who are passionate and diversity and inclusion
  • Meet individuals locally who can connect with you and your organizations with events


Mountain View, California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Madison Wisconsin

Do you know of a venue in Madison that can hold 20-40 people?

Your City

All we need is a venue and some resources and we'll be there!

Thank you to our amazing 2016 sponsors!

We'd love to add Your City!

We want to bring this workshop to your city. If you would like to sponsor our workshop in your city, let us know and we'll add you to the list. 


Contact us for more information about how to be a sponsor.