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Available Workshops and Services

Our services and workshops focus on improving your organization's ability to recruit, retain and grow top talent.

Recruit, grow and retain top talent

  • Reviewing and editing job descriptions and post positions to increase visibility
  • Create a process for training interview teams for a consistent interview process

  • Auditing recruiting and interview process for a smooth, effective and inclusive process

Organization wide diversity and inclusion initiatives:

  • Company wide diversity and inclusion workshops
  • Roadmaps for starting diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Create a process for measuring progress and tracking success

  • Climate surveys to highlight challenges and strengths in the company's culture

Data & People Analytics

  • Understanding and cleaning data in performance evaluations

  • Based on employee data, refine hiring process, find best way to allocate resources and determine  predictors of success

  • Analyze the effects of internal mobility on retention, attrition and leadership growth to determine the best ways to increase these three key factors in professional and personal growth

Leadership development:

Within every organization, there is a constant need for leaders to continue to grow so that collectively, the organization can innovate and thrive.

  • Foster a growth driven and innovative work environment

  • Difference and effectiveness between transformational and transactional leadership

Change management and continuous development:

Change management and continuous development program focuses on collaboration, goal setting, and strategy implementation.

  • Increasing emotional intelligence in day to day interactions and decision making

  • Provided methodology for goal setting and promotion of personal development

Manager and supervisory development includes: 

Strong managers and supervisors create an added incentive for employees to stay with organizations that may be just as effective as monetary compensation.

  • Efficient and effective hiring, retention and talent development processes


We conduct comprehensive assessments and process evaluation for your organization from attracting candidates, to retaining employees and developing talent. We identify perceptions of company culture and patterns that may be hindering initiatives. Key items include: 

  • Assessing your HR and people process
  • Conducting focus groups and observing decision-making processes
  • Identify current outside perceptions of your organizations


We build a data-driven research enabled plan that is specific to your organization's needs and culture. We focus on various levels of the organization from individual contributors to the executive team. Key items include: 

  • Identifying goals and mission around diversity, culture and inclusion
  • Creating a customized framework that focus on your company goals
  • Conducting climate surveys with current employess to identify strengths and potential challenges
  • Measuring success and ROI for your initiative



We help you communicate your company culture to potential candidates, current employees and the general public. We create tools and resources that will grow with your organization and communicate your efforts and progress. Some communication pieces include: 

  • Writing creative and company specific diversity and inclusion statements
  • Creating a public relations plan to communicate your initaitive with potential candidates
  • Partnering with local organizations to highlight your company


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