Smart insights and data collection

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform collects data from your organization in an anonymized and aggregated way.

Powerful Insights

Complete view of your organization's health

The platform offers a 360° view of your organization, highlighting strengths and areas of opportunity.

Action Driven Initiatives

Data-driven proactive initiatives

We create custom-built initiatives that leverage your organization's strengths while addressing your goals and opportunity areas.


Research backed and measurable results

Your customized dashboard allows you to see measurable progress towards inclusion, engagement and diversity.




Why 26 Letters?


To replace an employee with a $50,000 salary, companies will pay an average of $25,000 - $37,500 (or 6-9 months salary)*. As you move up the corporate ladder to higher-level employees with higher-level educations, this figure balloons. It would cost $213,000 to replace a CEO or Executive Director with a $100,000 salary.

By creating an inclusive culture for top talent, companies can help lock in a higher retention rate.

*Society for Human Resource Management


According to Gallup, only 30% of the entire U.S. workforce feels engaged at work. Forbes estimates this lead to almost $550 Billion in loss productivity in 2014.

When you have clear insights into your workforce’s productivity and job satisfaction, you can more easily boost their engagement and output.  


A recent Forbes study revealed that diverse teams out-performed non-diverse teams by 35%. Furthermore, 57% of all employee wish their companies were, in fact, more diverse. And  yet — at Fortune 500 Companies, there are more CEOs named David than there are female CEOs combined.

By leveraging  interactive e-learning tutorials, customized to each employee, you can create a future-proof, inclusive workplace.

Professional Development

In 2015, employees spent an average of 31.5 hours in professional development. The average company spent just over $1,200 per employee on professional development events and training. And yet, we see that employees are less engaged than ever.

Conferences and sponsored happy hours aren’t cutting it. New tools and technologies can help you give your employees real opportunities for development, at a fraction of the cost.


We have consultants on-hand to coach, train and facilitate workshops to support any desired initiatives. Our consultants come from all walks of life, bringing decades of experience to 26 Letters; they vary in age from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Contact us to learn how our consultants can provide coaching, training and workshops that support our analytics and digital trainings.

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