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IDEA Plan: Inclusion Diversity Engagement & Awareness

Personalized Results Overview & Opportunities - Please see the video content below for additional learning opportunities. Each video content is between 5-10 minutes long including the embedded activities.

Video Content:

We put together a few education content videos that we think would provide a helpful lens as you go through the applications. Please reach-out with any questions to

Unconscious Bias Overview:

The module builds on the introductory information of the “Unconscious Bias Overview” video and delves into understanding unconscious bias. How do we define it within the workforce, and how do we identify it within our own thought processes?

Definitions Link: Terms and definitions

Facilitation Guide Link: Facilitation guide for leading discussions based on this video content or related content

Socialization and identity

This module will explore how perceptions are developed through interactions in day-to-day life.

Definitions Link: Terms and definitions

Categories and Stereotypes

What categories and stereotypes do we use to understand the world around us? This question will be expanded upon as we define what these are, as well as how we see them around us.

Definitions Link: Terms and definitions

Facilitation Guide Link: Facilitation guide for leading discussions based on this video content or related content

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