Build an inclusive and equitable culture

26 Letters provides an e-suite of inclusion products to improve on-boarding processes, training to retention strategy. Our software gathers and assesses data which provide insights and strategies for building a more inclusive, engaged and diverse workforce. Our e-suite of tools provide actionable and measurable progress.

Where are you in your journey?

We have solutions to fit every step of your journey.


Not sure what to start

Our workbook provides the first steps to starting your diversity and inclusion initiative

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Toolkit to build a foundation

Our toolkit and content provides bite-sized learning all team members from HR to manager to individual contributors. Contact us to learn more.


Gathering input and creating a baseline

Get a baseline with our assessment and text-based proactive employee tool. Contact us to learn more.


turning insight into action

Beyond conversation, use data to see the opportunities in your organization. Contact us to learn more.

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Building solutions

Identify the best initiatives for you organization’s culture and needs and build on those solutions. Contact us to learn more.


building community connections

Boost your recruiting efforts by creating authentic opportunities to build community connections. Contact us to learn more.