Create an inclusive culture and engage current employees

We help organizations address a changing workforce by leveraging real-life data gleaned from their most valuable asset — their personnel. Our software gathers and assesses data which provide insights and strategies for building a more inclusive, engaged and diverse workforce. Our e-suite of tools provide actionable and measurable progress.

Why Choose 26 Letters

Great for High Growth and Remote Teams

Pulse surveys and online training solution for companies with employees located all over the world

    From Analytics to Progress

    Get organization level analytics from climate surveys with key action points and online trainings for professional and personal growth

    Lightning Fast Setup

    One step set up. Send us the email address of new employees and we'll do the rest

    "We are excited that out of the applicants we received 46% are people of color... 26 Letters really helped us to understand how to reach a more diverse applicant pool... It felt like we were really putting a stake in the ground to say, 'we value diversity of opinion, thought, and experience and we're doing something about it.' 26 letters was able to give us the tools we needed."
    Danielle Steele - Manager of Operation, Impact Hub