We work with diversity, inclusion and HR leaders to transform corporate cultures, and harness the power of your total workforce.


We help organizations address a changing workforce by leveraging real-life data gleaned from their employees.  26 Letters tools and resources gathers and assesses data which provide insights and strategies for building a more inclusive, engaged and diverse workforce. Our platform provides actionable and measurable progress. 

Workplace culture matters

With 26 Letters take individual steps or organizational measures to foster highly inclusive, engaging and productive environments


For Employees

Confidentially connect employees to resources based on their needs and concerns. We ensure they receive satisfactory support or they’re put in touch with an expert consultant in that area or field


For Management Teams

Provide HR, Management and Executive teams with trends, aggregate data and actionable and measurable next steps.

Get a pulse on your organization

Customized dashboard allows you to see measurable progress towards inclusion, engagement and diversity. Get a pulse of your organization at every level and at each location

    Smart insights and data collection

    Customized dashboard collects data and allows you to see measurable progress towards inclusion, engagement and diversity

    Action driven initiatives

    Be successful with our customized initiatives that leverage your organization's strengths while addressing your goals and identifying opportunity areas